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    название серии
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    первый показ: 2004-03-07
    приглашенные звёзды: Robert Loggia, Maryam Coppersmith, Allison Dunbar, Robert John Burke, Omar Rodriguez, John Elsen, Matthew Weiner, Jason Ongoco, Ginger Kearns, Laurie Rosenwald, Bill Quigley, Sukanya Krishnan, Maria Baan, Lisa Regina, Barbara Christabella, Anna Maniscalc
    сценаристы: David Chase, Terence Winter
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony, now separated from Carmela, takes a romantic interest in Dr. Melfi.
    Carmela is forced to call Tony for help when a wild bear keeps visiting their home.
    Johnny Sack sees an opportunity for advancement when Carmine suffers a stroke, while new parolees readjust to life on the outside and Janice adjusts to married life with Bobby.
    Christopher and Paulie face off when Christopher is constantly stuck paying for dinner.

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    первый показ: 2004-03-14
    приглашенные звёзды: Robert Loggia, Robert Desiderio, Patti D'Arbanville, Rae Allen, Vanessa Ferlito, Anna Mancini, Drummond Erskine, Rosemarie Dana, David Copeland, Joe Scarpinito, Frank A. Vallelonga, Renee Franca, Scott Johnsen, Nick Bosco, Kelly AuCoin, John Viscardi, Tr
    сценаристы: Matthew Weiner
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony throws a welcome-home party for his cousin, Tony Blundetto, who is released from prison on parole.
    The FBI continues to pressure Adriana for information and she nearly confesses at Carmela's film club.
    Carmine's passing leaves the field wide open for Johnny Sack, but Little Carmine has ideas of his own.
    Tony smells yet another rat and leaves a clear message for the Feds.

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    первый показ: 2004-03-21
    приглашенные звёзды: Hilda Evans, Robert Loggia, Louis Mustillo, Patti D'Arbanville, Richard Portnow, Anna Marie Gottfried, Ed Setrakian, Michael Cavalieri, George Odom, Dean Edwards, Bill Rowe, Michael Isaiah Johnson, Allen Enlow
    сценаристы: Michael Caleo
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Feech begins to overstep when he moves in on Paulie's landscaping deals.
    Tony worries about Junior's mind when Junior wanders around his old neighborhood searching for long-dead friends.
    As the hostility in New York intensifies, Johnny Sack dispatches the Leotardo brothers to send Little Carmine a clear message.

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    первый показ: 2004-03-28
    приглашенные звёзды: Bernie Brillstein, Lawrence Taylor, Adam Rose, David Lee Roth, Cal Robertson, Gabriel Millman, John Pleshette, Patti D'Arbanville, Kevin Aloia, Dennis Aloia, Michael Goldstrom, Leon Wieseltier, David Little, Anthony Desio, Cameron Boyd, Robert Loggia, Da
    сценаристы: Toni Kalem
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony and Carmela quarrel after A.J. spends a wild night in the Big Apple.
    Tony is forced to make a decision about Feech when he continues to overstep his bounds.
    Carmela finds a romantic interest in A.J.'s guidance counselor, while the war in New York claims its first two casualties.

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    первый показ: 2004-04-04
    приглашенные звёзды: Hill Harper, Rae Allen, David Deblinger, Joseph Costa, Christian Corp, Anthony J. Risbustello, Duke Valenti, Paul Paglia, Tony Siragusa, Mia Troche, Jamie Scirrentini
    сценаристы: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony's intense new feelings for Adriana sends him back to Dr. Melfi; Tony may have skin cancer; While Christopher is on a business trip, the crew discusses a rumor involving Adriana.

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    первый показ: 2004-04-11
    приглашенные звёзды: Suzy McCoppin, Anthony Spina, Kimberly Norris, Angela Bullock, Michelle Huber, Fran Gennuso, Kevin Aloia, Dennis Aloia, Mitchell Burgess, Liza Lapira, Karl Bury, Alison Bartlett, Henry Yuk, David Strathairn
    сценаристы: Matthew Weiner
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony B. makes an honest effort to go straight as he prepares to open his own massage studio, but a mysterious bag of money tempts him back to his old habits.
    A.J. moves back in with his mother after a fight with Tony, while Carmela pursues her relationship with her son's guidance counselor.

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    первый показ: 2004-04-18
    приглашенные звёзды: Carolyn C. Buccino, Fred Caiaccia, Frank Santorelli, John Marinacci, Kevin Hagan, Rae Allen, Danny Petrillo, Laurie J. Williams, Richard Portnow, Joseph Siravo, Polly Bergen, Timothy Daly, Anthony Spina, Artie Pasquale, Joanna Bonaro, Ralph Lucarelli, Al
    сценаристы: Terence Winter
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony pays a visit to his father's gravesite and meets a woman who claims to be his father's mistress. Tony forges a relationship with her as he learns more about his past.
    Christopher takes a friend from rehab to the executive poker game, but he soon goes from sponsor to strong-arm man when his friend can't pay his debts.

  • 8
    первый показ: 2004-04-25
    приглашенные звёзды: Barbara Caruso, Erin Stutland, Matthew Del Negro, Jessica R. Dunphy, Alison Bartlett, Bruce Kirby, Vic Martino, Sam Semenza, Michalina Almindo
    сценаристы: Michael Imperioli
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Carmela invites Tony to participate in her father's surprise birthday party, and the evening ends in a romantic encounter.
    Two of Little Carmine's men try to recruit Tony B. for a retaliation against Johnny Sack's crew. Tony B. is reluctant, but his boredom soon gets the better of him.

  • 9
    первый показ: 2004-05-02
    приглашенные звёзды: Ray Abruzzo, T. Colby Trane, Tony Siragusa, Aleksa Palladino, Arthur J. Nascarella, Joe Moretti, Jackson Loo, Bruce Kronenberg, Paula Garcés, Hilary Flynn, Andrew Eisenman, Allison Dunbar, Demo Di Martile, Sid Davidoff, Angel Caban, Joel Blum
    сценаристы: Matthew Weiner, Terence Winter
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Rumors about Tony B's involvement in the Joey Peeps hit reach Johnny Sack, who considers going to war with little Carmine.
    Meadow looks out for her boyfriend's financial well-being and turns up the pressure on him when their relationship stalls.
    Carmela finds that Tony has made it impossible for her to hire a divorce lawyer, while Tony explores his guilt over his cousin's incarceration with Melfi.

  • 10
    первый показ: 2004-05-09
    приглашенные звёзды: David Strathairn, Frank Albanese, Judy Del Giudice, Dawn Evans, Remy Auberjonois, Chandra Wilson, Ron Castellano, Christian Corp, Jim Wisniewski, James Flaherty, Finnerty Steeves, Chris Juell, Richard Byrne, Adam Grupper, Gabby Pineo, Carl Palmer, Andrew
    сценаристы: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Janice attacks a mother during her stepdaughter's soccer game and is forced to attend anger management classes.
    Tony must deal with his own anger as Johnny Sack launches payback against the Sopranos.
    Christopher and Tony B. overcome their differences when they are sent to dispose of several incriminating corpses buried in the country.

  • 11
    первый показ: 2004-05-16
    приглашенные звёзды: Stewart Summers, Lauren Adler, Chandler Parker, Charley Scalies, Didi Wong, Angel Feliciano, Germel Younger, Teresa Yenque, Sarah Ireland, Elaine Hyman, Eric Seltzer, Angel Feliciano, Dennis Aloia, Sylvia Kowalczuk, Jimmy Collins, Mark McGann, Kevi
    сценаристы: David Chase, Matthew Weiner
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony escapes to the Plaza Hotel for a night of rest and relaxation, but his dreams are haunted by past faces.
    Another casualty falls in the war between Johnny Sack and Little Carmine, and Tony B. heads to New York for revenge.

  • 12
    первый показ: 2004-05-23
    приглашенные звёзды: Yvonne Jung, Lou Savarese, Frank Albanese, Santos, Danny Petrillo, Homie Doroodian, Marc Damon Johnson, Jelani Jeffries, Tony Siragusa, Eisley Tate, Adrienne D. Williams, Felicity LaFortune, Adam Sietz, Kyle Head, Emad Tarabay, Vinny Vella Sr.
    сценаристы: Terence Winter
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    The FBI finds new evidence that they use as leverage against Adriana. Adriana relents and tries to persuade Christopher to go into witness protection with her.
    Tony and Carmela meet over lunch and work toward a reconciliation, which includes a new real estate project for Carmela.
    Johnny Sack delivers a stern ultimatum to Tony, who is hesitant to give up his cousin.

  • 13
    первый показ: 2004-06-06
    приглашенные звёзды: Paul Diomede, Louis Mustillo, Jessica Dunphy, Cameron Boyd, Flint Beverage, Michael Zegen, Barret Wall, Vinny Vella, Jeffrey Christopher Todd, Bob Shaw, Adam Scarimbolo, Paul Franklin Dano, Anthony J. Ribustello, Joe Rowley, Bethany Pagliolo, Richard
    сценаристы: Robin Green, David Chase, Mitchell Burgess
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Tony faces pressure from his own crew to give up his cousin to Johnny Sack. Tony does some soul-searching on Melfi's couch and finally decides on a course of action.
    A.J. proves himself to be a schemer, while Christopher tells Carmela that he and Adriana have ended their relationship.
    Tony meets with Johnny Sack to restore peace between Jersey and New York, but the Feds play a surprise card that sends Tony fleeing to safety.

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