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    первый показ: 2015-11-12
    приглашенные звёзды: Regan Burns, Jonathan Schmock, Gail Borges, Lorna Scott, Melanie Mosley
    сценаристы: Michael Patrick King
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Max and Caroline team up with the diner staff in a frantic attempt to keep their businesses open when the city targets Han's diner and their cupcake window for destruction. Also, Sophie and Oleg announce that they are trying to have a baby.

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    первый показ: 2015-11-19
    приглашенные звёзды: Leslie Grossman, Arden Myrin, Tip Scarry, Carla Jiminez, Tommy Mountain, Melissa Christine
    сценаристы: Liz Astrof
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When the shower at Max and Caroline’s apartment breaks, they get part-time jobs at a fancy gym’s juice bar and enjoy free use of the locker room. However, their jobs and free showers are jeopardized when Caroline has a run-in with a group of rich moms who are jealous of the attention she’s getting from a sexy trainer.

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    первый показ: 2015-11-26
    приглашенные звёзды: Ryan Hansen, Valerie Azlynn, Andy Favreau, Cesar Cipriano
    сценаристы: Michelle Nader
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    The girls run into Caroline's newly engaged ex, Candy Andy, and Caroline offers to make his wedding cake. Later, when she sees Andy's seemingly perfect relationship and how he supports his fiancée's career, she wonders if she should have stayed with him.

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    первый показ: 2015-12-10
    приглашенные звёзды: Michael Cyril Creighton, Travis Schuldt, Kevin Meaney, Chad Michaels, Jimmy Wachter, Eileen O'Connell, Caroline O'Neil, Amir Levi, Steven Moriarty
    сценаристы: Justin Sayre
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    The cupcake shop is boycotted after the girls refuse to sell cupcakes to an artist who wants to put cocktail weenies in them.

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    первый показ: 2015-12-17
    приглашенные звёзды: John Milhiser, Christopher Rivas, Ben Stillwell, Charan Prabhakar
    сценаристы: Patrick Walsh
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Han believes his diner employees are not working together as a team, so he insists they all attend a mandatory night out at the Escape Room Club. Once the diner gang are locked inside the "Alice In Wonderland" themed Escape Room, they learn Han has ulterior motives.

  • 6
    первый показ: 2016-01-06
    приглашенные звёзды: Steve Talley, Dink O'Neal
    сценаристы: Rachel Sweet
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Max is both puzzled and curious when the new guy she is dating expresses hesitations about intimacy because he is “not regular down there.” Also, Sophie and Oleg struggle to get pregnant.

  • 7
    первый показ: 2016-01-13
    приглашенные звёзды: Judith Roberts, Edward Hibbert, Millicent Martin
    сценаристы: Liz Feldman
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When Caroline’s grandmother Astrid awakens from a coma with no knowledge of her family’s massive money scandal, Caroline attempts to keep the truth hidden for a bit longer by giving Astrid one last fancy luncheon.

  • 8
    первый показ: 2016-01-20
    приглашенные звёзды: Lynne Marie Stewart, Tawny Newsome, Susan Berger, Matt Lasky, Londale Theus Jr., Dean Sharpe, Alan Heitz, Michael Earl Reid, Cody Murray
    сценаристы: Morgan Murphy
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Oleg’s pro-basketball playing cousin comes to town to play a game against Max’s favorite team and gifts her with two free tickets, but chaos ensues when the girls interfere with the game and risk ruining their cupcake business’ reputation in the process.

  • 9
    первый показ: 2016-01-27
    приглашенные звёзды: Jackée Harry, Carlos Antoni, Percy Smith, Shelby Rabara
    сценаристы: Charles Brottmiller
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When Earl is not invited to play with his old jazz band at their reunion show, Max and the diner gang join forces in order to get him back on stage performing.

  • 10
    первый показ: 2016-02-03
    приглашенные звёзды: Mo Gaffney, Meryl Hathaway, Diona Reasonover, John Hartman, Corey Allen Kotler, Casey O'Keefe, Lawrence Kao
    сценаристы: Rob Sheridan
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When Max reconnects with an old friend, Caroline’s jealousy inspires her to try to make some new friends of her own.

  • 11
    первый показ: 2016-02-10
    приглашенные звёзды: Bryan Callen, Betsy Sodaro, Dominic Burgess, Josh Sharp, Brett Maline, Brian McGrath, Feraz Ozel, Courtenay Taylor, David Kaye
    сценаристы: Rachel Lind, David Shecter
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Max and Caroline sign up to be “booth babes” in order to get into a huge gaming convention for free. Once inside, they’re shocked to see that Han’s friend has created video game characters based on them, and demand compensation.

  • 12
    первый показ: 2016-02-18
    приглашенные звёзды: Miles Fisher, Eric Price, Barret Swatek, Jacob Guenther, Blair Beekan, Ellie Reed, Belinda Gosbee, Carin Chea, Erin Manker
    сценаристы: Morgan Murphy
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Caroline shares her riches-to-rags life story on stage at a storytelling night and captures the attention of a Hollywood studio executive. Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg search for a surrogate.

  • 13
    первый показ: 2016-02-25
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Alec Mapa, Barret Swatek, Chris Williams, Wesley Mann, Nikki Tuazon
    сценаристы: Michael Patrick King
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Max tags along with Caroline as she travels to Los Angeles on a film studio’s dime to discuss the idea of making her riches-to-rags life story into a movie. While there, Max loses her luggage but finds a new crush.

  • 14
    первый показ: 2016-03-03
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, George Hamilton, Chris Williams, Alison Rich, Skyler Stone, Emily Churchill, Carlos Santos
    сценаристы: Liz Astrof, Michelle Nader
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    Caroline continues meeting with studio writers in an effort to make her life story into a movie, but she is torn when they reveal they would not portray Max in the project. Also, Max is being spoiled by her new Hollywood beau, Randy, who sets Caroline up on a date with his friend, Bob.

  • 15
    первый показ: 2016-03-10
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Lidia Porto, Mikey Kelley, Bobby Reed
    сценаристы: Liz Feldman
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    As Max pet-sits Randy’s dog, Bruno, and Caroline sets up meetings with actresses who are interested in playing her in the potential biopic, Bruno escapes while a cannibalistic serial killer is loose in their neighborhood.

  • 16
    первый показ: 2016-03-31
    приглашенные звёзды: John Michael Higgins, Ed Quinn, Deborah Theaker, Lou Beatty Jr., Helen Hong, Carlos Santos
    сценаристы: Rachel Sweet
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    The girls’ Hollywood adventure continues as Caroline signs away the rights to her life story so it can be turned a movie. Also, Max is heartbroken when Randy breaks up with her via his therapist, Elliot, and Caroline rents a party bus in an attempt to cheer her up.

  • 17
    первый показ: 2016-04-07
    приглашенные звёзды: Steven Weber, Robert Costanzo, Earl T. Kim, Daniel Lujan, Aaron Braxton, Herschel Sparber, Craig Ricci Shaynak, Geoggrey Dwyer
    сценаристы: Patrick Walsh
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When the girls go to prison to see Caroline’s father, Martin, perform in a musical, they tell him their plan to use Caroline’s movie money to convert their cupcake window into a dessert bar.

  • 18
    первый показ: 2016-04-14
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Camille Chen
    сценаристы: Justin Sayre
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When the girls decide to look for a larger space for their dessert bar, Han sets them up with Evie, a real estate agent who has a crush on him. Also, Max is on the fence when Randy surprises her at the diner hoping to patch up their relationship, so she tells Caroline to decide for her.

  • 19
    первый показ: 2016-04-21
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Steve Agee, Wes McGee, Michael Edelstein
    сценаристы: Charles Brottmiller
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    In an attempt to get to know Max’s world better, her boyfriend Randy asks to spend a night at her apartment. Also, Caroline works on getting a liquor license for their dessert bar.

  • 20
    первый показ: 2016-04-28
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Tricia O'Kelley, Jerry Trainor, Amy Farrington, Shulie Cowen, Jerry Ying
    сценаристы: Rob Sheridan
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When a law firm courting Randy for a job invites Randy and Max to dinner at a hip new restaurant, the evening veers off course when their eclectic cuisine doesn’t sit well with Max.

  • 21
    первый показ: 2016-05-05
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Lisa Lampanelli, Nadya Ginsburg, Anthony Marciona, Jay Brian Winnick, Karen Huie, Arly Marin
    сценаристы: Liz Feldman
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When Max and Caroline need more space for their renovated dessert bar, they’re willing to do just about anything to convince Angie (Lisa Lampenelli), the brash owner of the pizza place next door, to rent them her back office.

  • 22
    первый показ: 2016-05-12
    приглашенные звёзды: Ed Quinn, Jimmie Saito, Bo Barrett, Hash Patel
    сценаристы: Michelle Nader, Liz Astrof
    описание серии (СПОЙЛЕР!):

    When Max and Caroline discover that Han is in hot water after amassing substantial debt that he cannot repay from gambling on women's tennis, the diner gang rallies to help him.

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